Promise kept!

Number of duels*
Kilometres driven*
17,207,418 km
Ø 10.9 %

These key indicators are based on all duels held across Europe.

Of which duels in Great Britain: 306. Kilometres driven: 939,238 km. Result: 9.1 % saved!

In the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Fuel Challenger we can demonstrate that the Actros is an extremely efficient truck in comparison with its competitors. Daimler's FleetBoard telematics-aided online services enable us to prove this objectively. With its variety of services, FleetBoard enables optimised vehicle, driver and transport management.

Fuel. The facts:

  • The best overview of the total cost of the truck can be gained by looking at its variable running costs.
  • The cost of fuel accounts for over 50% of these running costs.
  • The driver's driving style can also have a major impact on fuel consumption. Appropriate training courses for drivers are therefore a good way of achieving additional fuel savings.
  • Innovations such as PPC help the driver to achieve additional fuel savings of up to 5%.
  • Long maintenance intervals and a high residual value are also factors contributing to lower costs per mile.

* As of: June 2017: EURO 6 & EURO 5 vehicles